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entreYOUTH’s products are open to the community !

In Europe, there is an urgent need to address and respond to the apparent gap that exists in the provision of trainings and availability of trained youth workers with regards to equipping youth with enterprising skills in marginalized “alternative food networks” (informal networks of food provisioning and redistribution especially among local & vulnerable groups).

As a response to this gap, entreYOUTH provides an in-depth blended training guide for junior and senior youth workers on sustainable and circular urban food enterprising in co-creation with quadruple helix stakeholders and reliance on online training approaches enabling youth workers to improve the quality and effectiveness of their teaching.

The ultimate goal of this project is to equip youth with the know-how and experience to provide added value in alternative food networks by embedding sustainability and circular economy practices, especially those coming from vulnerable groups who do not possess entrepreneurial skills that would enable them to scale-up their ideas or to engage in social enterprising that would open up their opportunities beyond such alternative food.

Our products are out and open to the wider community !

Check them out: https://entreyouthproject.eu/resources/


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