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Center For Digital Transformation

Welcome to Helixconnect Europe's Centre for Digital Transformation (CDT)
Established in 2020, CDT aims at providing solutions for helping enterprises and institutions throughout their digital transformation process.

Our primary focus is on education providers, however we undertake a broad range of digital transformation services.

Available products and services for our customers:

Digital transformation toolkit for online education delivery (trainers)

Features: digital content production; learner inclusion; personalized digital education solutions; learner inclusion in digital delivery strategies; online assessment solutions.

Digital transformation toolkit for online education (learners)

Features: how to get accustomed and engaged in online education; how to excel in online education; how to learn on the go and better facilitate your development.

Digital transformation toolkit for online education facilitation (education administrators)

Features: how to digitally transform an education provider; how to embed cutting-edge technologies; how to use learning analytics; how to optimise resources via digital education provision.

Behavioural & effective learning toolkit

Features: neuroscience (brain-friendly)-driven approaches for boosting engagement and learning effectiveness in online education both in terms of content creation and delivery process.

Inclusive & personalised digital education toolkit

Features: how achieve inclusion, gender-balance and group at risk mitigation in online education; strategies for offering adaptive and personalised educational content for the learning needs of different learners.

Digital education certifications

Features: receive internationally-approved digital certifications for online education provision, engagement and management. The certifications are jointly offered by top EU universities and top digital competence validators.

EntreComp, DigComp, DigCompEdu Competence Framework Application Toolkit

Features: tailoring and application of EntreComp, DigComp and DigCompEdu competence frameworks of the EU for online education at academic, adult, vocational and youth levels.

EQF, ECTS, ECVET, YouthPass, Toolkit for digital education

Features: application of various EU competence standards at various educational levels with specialized tailoring for online education delivery.

LegalTech Education Toolkit

Features: a toolkit for the application of cutting-edge legaltech solutions for the next generation of digital law education.