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Triple Helix Romania

As Chapter of Romania, we are proud to share our joint work within the Triple Helix Association through which we aim to spur the research & innovation capacity of Romania.
The Triple Helix Association Chapter of Romania brings access to: a solid and outstanding scientific knowledge base on triple helix theoretical models for market-oriented innovation development and practices to develop effective triple helix interactions combined with an international reach (from 5 continents) for dissemination, promotion, peer learning and partnership development.

The Triple Helix Association’s activities range from the development and debate around top class scientific studies, by means of conferences, summits, and awards; the networking among both leading education & research institutions and stakeholders to foster a wide dissemination and uptake of the scientific findings by means of publications, academic journals and co-operation projects; the support in translating academic models into practical achievements by enhancing international exchange of scholars and the education and training of students, researchers and practitioners.

Our vision for the Triple Helix Association Chapter of Romania:
  • Facilitate (digital) competence building of industries, government, innovators and the third sector.
  • Bridge the innovation networks to facilitate EduTech, LegalTech and FinTech.
  • Boost Romania’s capacity to attract Research & Innovation funds
  • Connect the local innovation networks with global pools of investors
  • Produce impactful research and technology transfer to the market
  • Facilitate scale-up support
  • Engage society (including youth) in participatory governance to boost inclusion and representation

Available tools & services:

Multi-stakeholder engagement toolkit

Features: how to engage, align and coordinate university, industry, government and civil society actors.

Participatory engagement in decision making toolkit

Features: how to engage end-users via participatory processes in innovation development cycles and in policy decision making.

Financing & outsourcing R&D toolkit

Features: how to access research and innovation funds; how to draft successful bids; how to deliver market-oriented R&D outputs.

We present the team behind it.

Dr. Mihai Lisetchi

Social Innovation Expert

Dr. Adrian Solomon

Director, Triple Helix Romania & Environmental Sustainability Expert

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