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PreMETS prepares the future employees in predictive maintenance

Do you know what are the skills and competences required by future employees in predictive maintenance ? We do, thanks to our #PreMETS project !

After several early stage skill foresight exercises in Austria, Italy, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Poland and The Netherlands, we now have a rounded view on what it takes to succeed in this field !

1) Cross-sectoral and digital competences: #Sensoring technologies, #Maintenance methodologies, Time Management systems, Reporting models, Structural Assessment methods, Forecasting systems, Remote infrastructure management, #IoT, #datascience, #AI, #Augmented Reality, Remote-Accessed #Robotics, #Digital Twin.

2) #Environmental competences: #ESG compliance, #Emissions evaluation, #Lifecycle analysis, #Resource Efficiency, Consumption optimization, #Renewable Energy Sources.

3) #Resilience & #safety competences: #Human Safety systems, Risk Assessment tools, Structural assessment, Mitigation strategies, Forecasting tools, Efficient Recovery planning.

4) #Entrepreneurial decision making: Opportunity detection mindset, innovative solution identification, Team management, entrepreneurial decision making, launching new services/products, #responsible innovation, customer service & communication, in blend with #EntreComp competences.

5) #Relearnign how to learn: Technology adoption readiness, Behavioural adaptation inclination, in blend with DigComp and DigCompEdu competences.

Given this, we will be launching over the next months a cutting-edge work-based-learning training programme applicable both to higher and vocational education on Predictive Maintenace. Follow us to access our free microcredentials and get certified !

A long road ahead with our capable partners: ACCELIGENCE LTD ATLANTIS Engineering SA Deep Blue EIT Manufacturing Inteliform ISIM TIMIŞOARA University of Piraeus Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH) Łódzka Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa Univerzitet Metropolitan WEGEMT YET

Emilia Binchiciu Mihai Lisetchi Adrian Solomon Lola Vaskovic

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