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Higher, Vocational & Adult Education Transformation Projects
RIECOLAB - Responsible Innovation Development & Commercialization (2021-2023)
BETTER-LIFE - Entrepreneurial & engaged life science universities (2022 - 2025)
DICE - Digital accelerator for socially engaged students (2022 - 2025)
PreMETS - Preventive Maintenance Micro-credential via university-vocational education integration (2023-2026)
GREENBIM - MSc Programme on BIM & Energy Efficiency studies (2023-2024)
SHIFT - University ESG Impact Index (2024-2026)
DIEM - Distributed ledgers in decentralized digital infrastructures (2022-2026)
CISCOFY - Connective and inclusive digital skills in academia (2022-2023)
EU-TeachPaaS - Digital education certification for lecturers, administrators, students (2021-2022)
MOOW-CODE - Massive open online weeks (2022-2024)
digiLEAP - Digital transformation of law education (2021-2022)
CHARLIE - Challenging bias in big data and AI / machine learning (2023-2025)
ARIEES - Impact investment competences for entrepreneurship courses (2022-2023)
FENIX -Fostering organisational resilience and adaptive management in enterprises (2022-2023)
PreVenT - Predictive Maintenance via Deep Tech Solutions for Environmental and Social Impacts in Manufacturing (vocational education) (2024-2025)
RiHEI - Responsible and Impactful University Transformation in Georgia (2023-2026)
REED -Redesigning Education for Ethical Digitalization: Crafting a Social and Environmental Sustainability Mindset for Future Technology Leaders (2024-2025)
INTERGAMES - Incorporating Interdisciplinarity in Secondary School Education Using Conflict Video Games (2023-2025)
WIDEN UP - Widening Unlocking Potential, Expanding Results for Sustainability (2024-2027)
ENABLE - Digital tools for supporting the employment of people with disabilities in manufacturing (2024-2025)
PREVENT– Prevention of natural disasters using deep technology for advanced HEI curricula” (2024-2025)
HINTS – High Innovative VET for Green and Digital Transitions (2024-2025)
Gender, Inclusion & Citizen (Youth) Engagement Projects
HERSTORY - Gender intersectionality in female entrepreneurship (2022 - 2024)
MAAT - Mobilising youth for placemakign and urban development (2022 - 2024)
CONNECT - Connecting migrants and social groups at risk in urban development (2022)
superYOUYH - Debunking fake news, disinformation and mis-information to mitigate groups at risk (2022 - 2023)
entreYOUTH - Youth entrepreneurship in circular food systems (2022-2023)
ENTRENEET - Entrepreneurial and digital entrepreneurship courses for NEETs (2023-2024)
DIYouth - Digital youth entrepreneurship accelerator in culture & creativity (2022-2023)
GenAI - Generative AI Skills for youth (2024-2025)