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SHIFT Project to build a University ESG Impact Index

Looking forward to starting soon our new joint initiative on increasing the capacity of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to contribute to #SDGs by assessing and implementing #ESG strategies and policies through the ESG Impact Index platform.

The SHIFT initiative is funded via European Commission‘s E+ scheme and we are soon going to further our impact by developing the HEI ESG Impact Index which will measure HEIs’ impact on the #environment and its natural #resources, assess the governance practices and policies related to decision-making and #responsible actions, and evaluate the HEIs’ social impact in terms of community engagement and diversity management.

As part of this roadmap we will build on relevant tools and past results from EIT HEI Initiative EIT Manufacturing RiEcoLab Project DICE Accelerator BETTER Life Project ARIEES and many others.

Team: Andreia Morgado IMPACTsci. Mihai Lisetchi Emilia Binchiciu Adrian Solomon Universidad de Almería ACEEU Linnaeus University Univerzitet Metropolitan ISQe University of Lodz T. Bartosz Kalinowski (PhD, DSc)

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