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DICE – Digital Community Engagement in Higher Education

New certifications to become available soon !

By breaking down the challenging question of how to transfer #highereducation #community #engagement to the #digital world, DICE brings to life a structured approach to train, guide and support #university #educators and course directors on how to create an #impact in local communities. Additionally, the project identifies value gains for student learning by proposing mechanisms to enrich students’ experience.

The DICE project’s core RESULTS include:

1) Two “Digital Community Engagement Value Maps” that can be used by university educators and course directors to identify student learning priorities and methodologies and as well as key drivers to produce a social impact through community engagement practices

2) A “Manual for Designing Digital Community Engagement Courses” which outlines the different steps to create a digital CE course.

3) A “Digital accelerator” platform that guides university educators and course directors through the process of creating their own digital CE course

4) A “Digital Community Engagement Handbook” and the “Best Practice Analysis Report”

Get in touch with us to received early results from our joint initiative with Technical University of KosiceUniversidad de AlcaláIUL – Università Telematica degli StudiACEEU !

Read more: https://lnkd.in/dGFX5YDW

Contact our local project manager Emilia Binchiciu for any further detail !

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