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Cutting-Edge Course on Predictive Manufacturing for Vocational & Higher Education

We are looking forward to initiating soon one ecosystem development initiative in our region by building capacity in #vocationaleducation and #industrial #skills on #predictive #maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance (PM) is a critical element for the optimization of sources used in the economy and on fundamental infrastructure systems. PM’s function is to anticipate and prevent the #breakdown or catastrophic failure of critical infrastructure (via #digital approaches) and generates a multitude of positive economic and social benefits in terms of #humansafety, resilience of infrastructure, and energy and resources savings.

As part of this transnational initiative funded by the Erasmus+ programme, we will work with leading regional stakeholders such as ISIM TIMIŞOARA – Alin Sirbu, Alin Constantin Murariu Emilia Binchiciu and Inteliform – Vlascici Miomir and our team Mihai Lisetchi Petar Vrgovic Andreia Morgado as part of a large consortium in order to develop (among others outputs):

1) An innovative predictive maintenance curriculum (covering #green, deep tech, #entrepreneurial and #resilience skills for PM) complemented by innovative teaching methods

2) A #microcredential certification and bespoke digital learning and co-creation platform for upskilling the current and future PM workforce and tackling skill gaps and mis-matches via skill forecasting and policy making.

3) Develop a cross-disciplinary platform that would that can be used by learners to test various resilient PM strategies and assess their environmental, social and economic impacts in hybrid industrial contexts.

With this new initiative we aim to contribute to EIT Manufacturing and EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology‘s #DeepTech Talent Initiative https://lnkd.in/eWsRhE3h

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