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PreMETS is close to releasing microcredentials in predictive maintenance

We are almost there !

Our predictive maintenance programme (PreMETS) is on its last mile before release ! During our last technical workshop, substantial progress has been made in operationalising our certification pathways.

We will soon be launching micro-credential certifications for professionals, students and vocational trainees on:

Module 1: Holistic predictive maintenance (PM) competences (Maintenance Methodologies; Sensing Technologies; Time Management Systems; Reporting Models; Structural Assessment Methods; Forecasting Systems; Remote Infrastructure Management)

Module 2:Deeptech competences for PM (Data utilisation; Types of Maintenance & Role of Digitalisation; Emerging technologies (i.e. Digital Twin, VR/AR, etc.); Cybersecurity & Ethical Considerations; Predictive Maintenance Techniques; IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain; Project management & Collaboration)

Module 3:Green skills for PM (ESG Compliance & Reporting in manufacturing; Emissions reduction in manufacturing; Hybrid life cycle analysis (LCA); Resource efficiency strategies; Clean energy in manufacturing)

Module 4:Resilience competences for PM (Resilience skills in Predictive Maintenance; Risk assessment tools for proactive problem identification in predictive maintenance; Equipping predictive maintenance experts with resilience competences)

Module 5:Innovation &entrepreneurship competences for PM ( Fundamentals of innovation; Entrepreneurial Mindset in Predictive Maintenance; Marketing and Branding Strategies; Identifying Opportunities in Predictive Maintenance; Implementation: Strategies and Challenges; Creativity, Adaptability and Problem Solving Skills; Case Studies and Best Practices; Latest Developments and Trends)

Module 6: Relearning how to learn in adigital environment for PM (Learning Environment; Personal Learning Environment; Student Topology & Profile Types; Pedagogical Framework Active Learning)

Stay alert for the registration announcements: https://premets.eu/

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