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SHIFT creates an ESG compliance index for universities

What are Higher Education Institutions (#HEIs) heading towards in their seek to support the global transition to #Environmental, #Social and #Governance (#ESG) targets ?

In simple terms, to a big #data-driven complexity that triggers massive transformations within HEIs’ governance and #regional #innovation #ecosystem interactions.

The university transformation roadmaps (around the globe) took many shapes over the past 20 years, stemming from the market-driven pressures of promoting HEIs’ third mission, or HEIs’ entrepreneurial abilities to actually looking into how HEIs can trigger social good (via social engagement) and better driving the growth of their regional innovation ecosystems.

As a response to this, we are proud to be working on the SHIFT Project – HE with a strong international team. This initiative aims to increase the capacity of HEIs to contribute to #SDGs. This will be done via a bespoke ESG Impact Index platform tailored for the needs of HEIs that will enable HEIs better account for their ESG impacts within their regional innovation ecosystem. Stay connected for our beta-releases of the platform !

SHIFT Project – HE actively complements our strategic #HEI transformation ongoing & past portfolio:

* BETTER Life Project (social engagement for life science researchers)

* DICE Accelerator (digital community accelerator for researchers and students)

* REED EU Project (ethical digitalisation of higher education)

* RiEcoLab Project & RiHEI Projects (responsible and impactful university transformation)


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