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Staying ahead of predictive maintenance innovations

Predictive Maintenance (PM) is a critical element for the optimization of sources used in the economy and fundamental infrastructuresystems. PM’s function is to anticipate and prevent the breakdown or catastrophic failure of critical infrastructure (via digital approaches)and generate a multitude of positive economic and social benefits in terms of human safety, resilience of infrastructure, and energy andresource savings. The need for comprehensive Predictive Maintenance Systems (PMS) and digital infrastructure is critical, particularlyregarding transportation infrastructure and equipment where issues of human safety and preservation of resources is of the highestimportance.

The critical role of PM (as an emerging work field) and the blooming prospects of its market, deems crucial the need to developcomprehensive training systems specialised on Predictive Maintenance to properly prepare the next generation of human capital that caneffectively apply PMS across a wide variety of industrial/manufacturing infrastructure and equipment. The need for effective and widelyused, education, training, testing, and certifying methodologies, is a key component in assuring the societal, environmental, and economicbenefits that Predictive Maintenance can offer to the industrial sectors in Europe.

Our project, PreMETS (An alliance for boosting the European Innovation in Predictive Maintenance through entrepreneurial cooperation,education, and training) stays at the forefront of predictive maintenance by innovating the skills ecosystem in the field. Check our latest newsletter and stay connected to find our more:

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