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The SHIFT Project makes higher education ESG compliant

The SHIFT Project – HE initiative makes #highereducation #esg compliant !

Our ambitious network brings another #impactful service for #universities worldwide by currently working on developing a holistic approach to supporting universities become ESG-compliant. Through the SHIFT initiative we will shortly launch the following tools:

#Environmental, #Social, and #Governance (ESG) Strategy: A blueprint for Higher Education Institutions to set and achieve ESG goals, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Mini Learning Programme: Asynchronous eLearning modules designed to foster a culture of #sustainability and #inclusion among higher education stakeholders.

University ESG Awareness Game: An interactive #seriousgame raising awareness of ESG impacts and strategies in higher education.

Certification on ESG Impact Index in Higher Education: Recognition of Higher Education Institutions ‘effective ESG practices and measurable impact.

ESG Impact Index Open-Access Platform: A tool for Higher Education Institutions to measure and monitor their environmental, social, and governance standards and practices.

Sustainability Strategy (ESG Maturity service): Assistance for Higher Education Institutions in improving their sustainability journey.

A highly capable team led by Universidad de Almer��a, University of Lodz, Linn��universitetet Univerzitet Metropolitan IMPACTsci ISQe ACEEU Adrian Solomon Mihai Lisetchi Miguel Pérez Valls T. Bartosz Kalinowski (PhD, DSc) following the innovative vision of Andreia Morgado.

Get in touch with us for accessing our pre-release tools.

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