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Ready for Ethical AI ? We are.

Via the CHARLIE project, we aim at challenging the bias in big data used for AI and machine learning by bringing a greater level of awareness regarding the negative impacts of the lack of a critical and ethical approach to TechEd.


1) Increase the capacity of HE institutions – to provide its students online learning opportunities that meet society needs but also are tailored to students learning needs.

2) Increase Tech students social and ethical competencies – allowing them to engage positively, critically and ethically with AI/ML technology

3) Equip teachers and professors – with digital and engaging approaches to effective teaching the topic (specially in online teaching)

4) Create synergies – between Higher Education organisations and Adult Education and Youth at regional level in the field of AI ethics education

5) Potentiate the transferability of academia courses – AI biases to Adult Education and Vocational Education fields

6) Raise awareness about AI Biases at societal level

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