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PreVEnT Initiative Launched (Deep tech for Sustainable Manufacturing)

Continuing with our efforts to implement our commitment to the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative of EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology we have just launched a new initiative on sustainable manufacturing processes via deep tech applications !

Via the PreVenT initiative, we will work at the factory/production level with leading regional #SMEs and #vocationaltraining centres in Timisoara, Belgrade and Genoa in order to:

1) Identify environmental and social challenges caused by outdated or faulty production systems

2) Embed #artificialintelligence , #augmentedreality and remote AI-powered visual inspection, lifecycle analysis and human-machine interaction tools in order to help SMEs deliver greater value during production while strengthening their competitive advantage.

3) Support the development dual education programmes between SMEs and regional #vocational education centres in order to shape the next generation workforce.

This new initiative complements the PreMETS project (which delivers preventive maintenance solutions) as well the the soon to be started HINTS initiative (looking at infusing deep tech and green competences in vocational training).

Stay tuned for our soon to be launched #deeptech #microcredentials !

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