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What a great news to see that the #HEINNOVATE tool of European Commission and OECD – OCDE now incorporates advanced social engagement as part of measuring the entrepreneurial and innovation potential of higher education institutions !

The newly released HEINNOVATE tool (June 2023) includes as part of the assessment pillars:

* Enhanced roles of HEIs in global #societalchallenges
* Better link with the European strategy for universities
* Fostering #sustainable and #inclusive #innovation in university missions
* Better connection with entrepreneurial #ecosystems
* Better connection with society/community of citizens (to build #resilient #communities)

Read more: https://lnkd.in/duD9rhpv

We are very happy that we managed to contribute to these efforts over the past year following the invitation received from the EIT HEI Initiative and our RiEcoLab Project !

During part of the various consultation sessions for the HEINNOVATE tool, we tackled two main elements aiming to shape the direction of the tool:

1) The role of socially engaged research & innovation – stemming from the excellent work coming from BETTER Life Project (Horizon Europe Widera). BETTER Life aims to establish an EU Digital Centre of Excellence for Socially Engaged Research in Life Sciences. The Centre will be an inter-institutional support structure for developing capacities of early career researchers (PhD students and researchers not yet fully independent) (hereinafter ECR) aiming to foster socially engaged research (SER) to tackle societal challenges in their surrounding ecosystems. More details: https://lnkd.in/dBpJed_H

2) The role of embedding university entrepreneurship and R&D within the regional priorities (smart specialisation areas) to foster regional talent and capacity via our RiEcoLab Project.

Looking forward to applying the improved HEINNOVATE tool on our partner universities !

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