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MAAT makes cities more inclusive and gender-friendly

Big day in Rome for our MAAT Erasmus project where the next milestones are being prepared.

MAAT aims at mobilising #youth to take action on achieving #Intersectional & #Inclusive #Cities.

It is expected that through the complementary project results and activities, youth will be engaged to becoming agents of change in making their cities more inclusive and welcome to everyone.

We are currently undertaking transnational youth policy labs through which we will devise concrete solutions for:

1) Making urban public infrastructures more #inclusive and women-friendly
2) Making urban #mobility more suitable to women
3) Making urban planning more inclusive of women’s needs
3) Reducing sexual assault in urban areas

This project comes as a strong follow-up from our past CONNECT project funded by Climate-KIC via the New European Bauhaus initiative and complements our #NEB work in Romania and Serbia.

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