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GREENBIM Academy: BIM, Energy Efficiency and Building Digitalisation

The GREENBIM co-creation academy has been completed with excellent outcomes for the future of our joint goal: to upskill professionals at the forefront of the technology that could contribute to designing and managing the structures’ energy efficiency through #BIMmodeling .

This upskilling will pave the way for #smartbuildings that could enable efficient production and use of #renewables at house, district or city level. Combined with smart #energy distribution systems, they will enable highly efficient and zero-emission #buildings.

We will be releasing shortly trainings and #microcredentials on:

1) Preparation of Building Execution Plan (BEP)/Building Information Model (BIM) including management of energy efficiency objectives

2) BIM Data systems and integration with stakeholders’ systems

3) Integrated digital twin modelling (from energy efficient architectural and facade design to civil/mechanical/electrical engineering planning and deployment)

4) Parametric modelling with multi-objective inclusion (energy efficiency objectives)

5) 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D modelling for energy efficiency

6) Sustainable applications of hybrid point cloud and BIM methods for tracking construction progress

7) Energy efficient renovations via BIM

8) Engagement of society in energy efficient BIM modelling (to better communicate the value of energy efficiency)

An excellent synergy with: Yaşar University Linnaeus University Izmir Institute of Technology ISQe UKHO Architecture Engineering Construction and Consultancy Limited Company Effi Staiou Ozgur Egilmez, Ph.D Maria Inês Moreira Carmen Amadeo Cemalettin Donmez umit kilic Selen ÖZKAN Onur Selçuk Mihai Lisetchi Adrian Solomon Engin Aktaş

Our gratitude goes to Mirjana Devetakovic from Univerzitet u Beogradu – Arhitektonski fakultet / University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture and Igor Osmokrovic from BEXEL for their excellent contributions !

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