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A 7-step roadmap to research commercialisation in the European Union

As we are wrapping up the excellent EIT HEI Initiative Workshop aimed at committing to #impact and #partnerships in the post-EIT HEI funding period, we are looking forward to some key next steps for our areas of interest tangent to the RiEcoLab Project and EIT Manufacturing in #RIS countries.

Our challenge: #university spinoffs and #research #commercialization that is impactful, profitable and #scalable.

For this to happen, our panel devised a 7-step roadmap (at the #EuropeanUnion and #RIS level):

1) Promote and bridge #publicprivateinvestment that can be the source of funds for patenting
2) Mitigate #policy misalignment across #RIS countries with regards to shared #equity of spinoffs
3) Advance the currently low #technologyreadiness levels for RIS countries spinoffs (obstacle for private investments)
4) Bridge public funds to boost the valuation of university spinoffs
5) Align #smartspecialisation and regional funds with the needs/capacities of local entrepreneurial talents
6) Leverage crowdfunding as additional investment support for early stage innovations
7) Better leverage the role of networking and personal connections are a key to public-private cooperation

More details: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7004041078416805888/

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