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Expanding technology transfer networks

As part of our effort to transform #universities in Eastern Europe and Western Balkans, we are highly keen to maintain and develop new bridges with #technology #transfer offices #tto and top entrepreneurship and innovation experts.

We are actively seeking to improve our RiEcoLab Project (led by T. Bartosz Kalinowski (PhD, DSc) and Adrian Solomon) approach for modernising TTOs. This model brings a novel way of performing R&D to ensure immediate #commercialisation (#spinoffs ) and involvement of a large number of internal stakeholders (academic and non-academic staff, students) in a blend with #impactinvesting. All this focused under the regional capacities brought by the #smartspecialisation focus.

Looking forward to sharing best practices with Cohort 2 projects implemented by Stratos Stylianidis Byron Chrysovergis Costin Sorici (and many others that we have met there !) and to continue our learning from top #innovation and #entrepreneurship #education developers from EIT HEI Initiative Javier González & team.

Thank you to the wider EIT HEI Initiative EIT Manufacturing EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology team for facilitating such productive and high level event !

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