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DICE Accelerator helps universities achieve their Third Mission

Higher Education Institutions (#HEIs) are operating in a complex landscape. The focus is growing more and more into #impact creation and contributing to solving the grand challenges, namely #ThirdMission. To achieve that, leaders and managers need to make stronger efforts to translate their intentions into actions while adopting a multi-stakeholder approach that considers the needs and wants of all actors involved.

Via the DICE Accelerator, we have the solution to this challenge !

The Entreprise Value Map is a visual hashtag #tool developed and used in business to effectively analyse value creation of and for different stakeholder groups. It is a holistic frame that accounts for the many ways stakeholders can create value by linking inputs and efforts to outcomes and value.

The DICE Accelerator Value Maps provide a #framework to identify

#drivers and #values of educators and course directors in HEIs to be used for designing #digital #community #engagement courses and the accelerator.

Find out more on today’s news: https://lnkd.in/dX5Z4V-r

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