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Our responsible innovation Manager delivers a training on R&D funding opportunities in the field of smart & sustainable buildings

Why BIM (Building Information Modelling) ?

Because #BIM is the foundation of #digital transformation, #resource #efficiency and #sustainability in the #architecture#engineering, and #construction industries worldwide.

For this reason we are taking part in the GREENBIM project which aims to train professionals at the forefront of the technology that could contribute to designing and managing the structures’ energy efficiency through BIM. The project will pave the way for smart buildings that could enable efficient production and use of renewables at house, district or city level. Combined with smart energy distribution systems, it can enable highly efficient and zero-emission buildings.

As part of this work, our Responsible Innovation Manager, Mihai Lisetchi, delivered a targeted session on R&D #funding opportunities in the field of BIM-enabled smart & sustainable buildings/construction during GREENBIM’s recent training academy.

The funding base for this field is very broad and promising given that it falls into the umbrella of the New European Bauhaus initiative which consolidates various funding sources to tackle this specific field/challenge: https://lnkd.in/eMEdkJJh

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