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Helixconnect on stage at SCEE2023

Helixconnect Europe was on the stage at the 63rd International “Scientific Conference on Economics and Entrepreneurship” (SCEE’2023) organised by Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management (Riga Technical University) Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte (Riga Technical University).

The keynote delivered by Dr Adrian Solomon built upon the work stemming from Moow CodeDICE AcceleratorRiEcoLab Project and BETTER Life Projects through which we look into #Values-based #research#innovation and #development.

In our work, we ensure that innovation is driven by a clear sense of purpose, guided by ethical considerations, and focused on creating positive impact (environmental, social, economic). The implications of such an approach impact substantially on R&D design, implementation and #commercialisation and with our frameworks we can ensure successful impact achievement and measurement. Our particular areas of focus with regards to impact consist of:

1) Reducing the #environmental footprint in cross-cutting industrial sectors
2) Provision of #citizen science and science education to social groups at risk
3) Gender equality and inclusion in R&D
4) Investment in impactful R&D
5) Digital transformation to enable impact analytics and reporting
6) Creation of jobs and development of policies that foster sustainable and balanced regional growth

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