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BETTER Life for Socially Engaged Research Life Sciences

We have just launched a strategic #HorizonEurope project (BETTER Life) that will further our #university transformation mission in Eastern Europe and Western Balkans.

This will make synergies with our RiEcoLab Project (supported by EIT HEI Initiative and EIT Manufacturing) that already offers a platform for university transformation towards external engagement and can be used as a plugin to other initiatives.

BETTER Life will establish a European #Digital Centre of Excellence for fostering Socially Engaged Research (SER) in #LifeSciences, as well as seven regional centres operating in their surrounding ecosystems. Our leads for this project Emilia Binchiciu and Adrian Solomon will facilitate the stakeholder engagement and ecosystem building work programme.

BETTER Life’s inter-institutional support structure addresses the lack of collaboration between early career researchers and the non-academic sectors by designing tools, standards, and framework conditions under the umbrella of the EU centre and implementing these solutions in the regional ecosystems.

We look forward to impactful work with our colleagues: from the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague The Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg University of Camerino Estonian University of Life Sciences Daugavpils University ACEEU International Students Association of Poznan University of Life Sciences University Educons

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