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Continuing our work on university transformation in Eastern Europe and Western Balkans

We are looking forward to continuing our work on #university transformation in Eastern Europe and Western Balkans via three complementary & impactful initiatives:

DIEM (Horizon Europe) – #DistributedLedger #Technology#Innovation & Ecosystem Management.

BETTER-LIFE (Horizon Europe) – Bringing Excellence to Transformative #SociallyEngaged #Research in #LifeSciences through Integrated #Digital Centers

RIECOLAB (EIT Manufacturing) – #Responsible Innovation-Led #Entrepreneurial University Transformation Centres (Ecosystem Integration Labs)

Our university transformation efforts bring together a large and capable network of excellent partners and expertise in an effort to achieve:

* Digitally transformed universities
* Ability to fast-track research commercialisation
* Proven evidence of environmental, social and economic impacts of universities in their regional ecosystems

Our work is highly in line with European Commission‘s higher education reform, digital education action plan as well as EIT HEI Initiative‘s strategy.

If you are undertaking tangent initiatives (or you are interested in these fields) contact us and lets maximise our impact !

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