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digiLEAP ready for show-casing

Excellent, productive and impactful digiLEAP ! Happy to see our end products ready for launch.

Follow soon https://digileap.eu/ for more info on our finalized products:

  • Crash-course on the digital transformation of the legal/law system (OER) based on DigComp principles and LegalTech innovations.
  • Digital teaching toolkit for law lecturers (OER) based on DigCompEdu and a neuroscience/behavioural approach to help law lecturers develop impactful learning via Attention, Plasticity and learning creation, Emotion and Timing.
  • DigComp and DigCompEdu certification methodology for students, practitioners and lecturers: DigComp Certificate in Practicing Digital Law (for students and law/legal practitioners); DigCompEdu Certificate in Teaching Digital Law via Online Education (for lecturers); DigCompEdu Certification in Online Learning in Law& Legal studies (for students)

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