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Joint innovation strategy and startup support in Timis County

We are actively contributing with our partners to #regionaldevelopment by blending our #researchandinnovation and #capacitybuilding efforts to induce meaningful #impact in our wider communities.

Recently we have explored the possibility of deploying a joint #innovationstrategy and #startup support mechanism in #healthcare following Timiș County Council‘s excellent project ACSELL Interreg Europe ! Together with leading experts, Agneta Kardos, Raluca Ioana CIBU BUZAC LuminspinoAlexandra Petcu West University of TimisoaraAdrian SolomonGotia Cristian West Regional Development Agency – West RDA Politehnica University of Timisoara we aimed at identifying:

1) #startup support mechanisms as part of ongoing projects at the city/regional level
2) Possibility of development cross-consortia synergies and partnerships to blend #mentorship schemes for startups
3) Pathways to developing a strong region where startups can trigger cutting-edge technology development

As we are proceeding to Phase 2 of our RiEcoLab Project (funded by EIT HEI Initiative EIT Manufacturing) we are happy to align our efforts and to contribute to EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology‘s mission of boosting the #innovation and entrepreneurship capacities within lagging regions.

Stay in touch with our open ecosystem integration lab for further outputs on RiEcoLab Projecthttps://lnkd.in/e2HCXpTq

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