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RiEcoLab funded by EIT!

We are happy to announce that we have just been awarded another project to support our work in Eastern Europe. The overall joint vision of RiEcoLab for 2030 is to develop a novel way of performing research and development in universities to ensure immediate commercialisation (spin-offs) and involvement of a large number of internal stakeholders (academic and non-academic staff, as well as students).

The new operational framework will be introduced via Ecosystem Integration Labs (EILs), which will be developed and implemented by each participating university (by relying on existing infrastructures, such as research support offices and technology transfer offices). The EILs will be tailored based on each university’s HEInnovate needs assessment and smart specialisation areas, which will govern the focus of the envisioned spin-offs. As a result, this will motivate each higher education institution (HEI) to commit to their Innovation Vision Action Plan (IVAP).

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